The Arrow Foundation

The Arrow Foundation of the Northern Virginia Alumnae Club of Pi Beta Phi is committed to supporting local and Fraternity-wide philanthropic efforts in literacy, leadership and education.

Our Purpose

To provide a platform for successful Northern Virginia Alumnae Club fundraising resulting in significant charitable contributions.

Since its incorporation in 1998 The Arrow Foundation has donated over $100,000, in contributions to community literacy groups, and contributions to Pi Beta Phi philanthropies. These donations were made possible by the fundraising efforts of the members of our Northern Virginia Alumnae Club. As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit The Arrow Foundation makes it possible for our club to hold fundraisers and make significant contributions to worthy causes in line with the goals and purposes of the club and the larger Fraternity.

Beneficiaries of the Arrow Foundation

•  Pi Beta Phi Literacy Fund:  $15,000

(Of that total, $3750 was designated to go to The Reading Connection.

The Pi Beta Phi Foundation will match that gift for a total of $7500).

•  Founders’ Day Book Donation to The Reading Connection: $255

•  Fraternity Day of Service: $650

•  Holiday Giving Tree Donations: $1000

•  Pi Beta Phi Foundation Friendship Fund:  $115

•  Holt House Fund: $185

•  TOTAL: $17,205

•  President: Karen (CA Delta)

•  Secretary: Cindy (AL Alpha)

•  Treasurer: Stacey (MI Alpha)

•  Fundraising: Caroline (LA Beta)

The biennial Literacy Ball hosted by The Arrow Foundation, is our major fundraiser. Open to the community, the Literacy Ball finances the club's support of local and Fraternity literacy groups.  READ MORE >>

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